The Painful Process of Hiring Retouchers

Let me first get this out there: retouching is an art. While you can make it just about fixing blemishes and softening skin, there are endless things to do in photoshop, it’s just about finding someone who can do them. The problem starts when trying to find a retoucher; just like there are endless possibilities in photoshop, there is also an endless amount of variance in the skill levels of retouchers on ModelMayhem. I recently went through the process of hiring a retoucher and thought it would be fun to share some of the results. Enjoy.
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Retouching High ISO Noise Images

I’ve always had a problem retouching high ISO noise images as more often than not the noise all but rendered the healing brush useless. One day I had the amazing idea of using noise reduction to reduce the noise (brilliant, I know) in the picture, which would allow me to retouch it and then re-introduce the noise afterwards to hide any trace that noise reduction was done. I’m incredibly happy with the result, let’s take a look at some examples.
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Posing Theory – Kneeling

Kneeling is not as obvious as one might think; I find it never crosses the mind of many new models, even when they’ve been posing while sitting on the floor. Posing while kneeling isn’t the most complicated thing in the world but there are still a few tips I’ve found that will help. Let’s look at some naked people kneeling and see what we can find out.

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Question: How to find cheaper places to shoot

I really enjoy the in studio sessions but studio rentals are not cheap. Any suggestions or feedback on ways to get more creative or find alternatives to the expensive studio fees?

First off, thanks for the question! I’m here to help. The studio I used, and I’ve only used it for the last 6 shoots I’ve done or so, costs 25 dollars an hour, a price I consider cheap. I have seen studios go for twice or three times that an hour, so hopefully the 25 dollar price is in the cheap range or else you’re looking for free shoot locations; it would be hard to find something that you can rent that also costs less than 25 bucks.  So apart from the aforementioned studio, let’s take a look at the cheapish alternatives that are out there. Continue reading

Anatomy of a Shoot – Catalina

I had the pleasure of grabbing Catalina for a shoot before she moved back to Florida, if you’re in that neck of the US you should totally look her up. Being our first shoot we did the normal studio thing and ended up getting some fantastic pics, check it out after the break.

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Making photos pop with vibrance in Lightroom

As much as I use Lightroom and Photoshop I still find new things every day and today I discovered the Vibrance slider in Lightroom. Now this magic slider isn’t appropriate for every picture, but I’m very happy with the ones it does help. Let’s take a look at a couple.

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Finding Nude Models

When starting out with nude photography you need a minimum of two things: a camera and a nude model. While the former is pretty easy to find the latter can be harder until you know where to look. Let’s dive into how I find my nude models.

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Anatomy of a Shoot – Veni

So far I’ve been somewhat successful in my campaign to find models through outlets besides Model Mayhem, Veni is one of such models. Although not her first shoot it was her first nude shoot, let’s look at the pictures.

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Anatomy of a Shoot – Angelina Lareaux

Angelina is a brand new model, in fact this was her first nude shoot ever!  In the short time we had we were able to get some great pictures and I’m sure this is the first shoot of many. I love shooting brand new models so if you’re in the DMV area and want to shoot make sure to contact me.

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